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The LEV test report

Paragraph 349 of HSG 258 “Controlling airborne contaminates at work - A guide to local exhaust ventilation (LEV) sets out the information required in a system assessment report, this information is contain in the following sections of the reports for each system tested.
· The name and address of the employer responsible for the LEV.
· The date of examination and test.
· The date of last thorough examination and test.
· The identification and location of the LEV. The process and hazardous substance concerned
· The conditions at the time of the test and whether this was normal production or special conditions
· A simple diagram of the LEV layout and location, with test points.
· The condition of the LEV system including hood serial numbers and photographs of relevant parts.
· Its intended operating performance for adequately controlling the hazardous substance and whether it is still achieving the same performance
· The methods used to make a judgement of the performance and what needs to be done to achieve that performance, eg visual, pressure measurements, airflow measurements, dust lamp, air sampling, tests of check the effectiveness of the filters
· The results of any air sampling relevant to LEV performance
· Comments on the way operators used the LEV
· Comments on system wear and tear and whether components may need repair or replacement before the next annual test
· The name, job title and employer of the person carrying out the examination and test
· The signature of the person carrying out the examination and test
The details of any minor adjustments or repairs carried out to make the LEV system effective.