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Do new LEV systems need a LEV test report?

LEV testing needs to been carried out when a new systems is commissioned in order to make sure in works and then at least every 12 months after the commissioning report.

The Commissioning LEV Report

The commissioning LEV testing report is carried out to check that the new LEV system is controlling exposure to the hazardous substance. The LEV commissioning report is carried after completion of electrical installation and issue to IEE certificate. It is normal practice to let a new LEV systems 'bed-in' for a number of full operation cycles before the commissioning LEV testing is carried out in order to fully assess control of exposure. During the LEV testing report workplace exposure sampling is carried out to make sure that the system is controlling exposure to well below the relevant Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL). A typical level of control is one tenth of WEL.

The commissioning LEV testing assessment can then be used to determine operating criteria that can be used in future yearly LEV testing reports.