LEV COSHH Assessments

The UK has some of the lowest accident rates in the world, and we can all take pride in the reduction in the number of facilities since the introduction of the Health & Safety at work Act back in 1974.   Risk in the workplace from physical hazards such as, falls, slips, collision with vehicles etc are generally well controlled but risk from exposure to substances that can effect peoples health are not as well controlled.

Peoples health can be put at risk from chemicals and substances use in their workplace. We carry out detailed COSHH assessments that identify where hazardous substances are used or produced in the workplace determine what risks these substances present to human health and how the risk can be controlled.

In the UK under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations employers have a legal duty to assess the risk to health created by work involving substances hazardous to health.

ESP offers a range of tailored services from help with CoSHH risk assessment to workplace monitoring of employee exposure to advice on measures to control exposure.

Workplace Surveys
Initial assessment to identify potential hazards and evaluate the degree of risk to employee health

Workplace Monitoring
We design, give advice and carry out monitoring programmes to determine the exposure of employees to substances hazardous to health

Exposure control
One of our key skills is the examination and test of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems  (LEV).  Our LEV testing services ensure that organisations fully comply with HSE guidance HSG258.  We take measurements of extraction system performance to determine how well they control exposure to hazardous substances.

Training and Education
Information on relevant protective equipment, training sessions on the use of equipment and application of good working practices.

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