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Ten Tips for Resolving Control Problems with LEV

1. For centrifugal fans check which way they are rotating, from our experience up to 10% of fan can to running the wrong way.

2. Make sure dampers to LEV hoods are in the correct position.

3. Listen for excessive noise from fan & motors this is a good indication that bearings are wearing out.

4. Look for staining on duct work, this is normally a sign that duct are beginning to leak, this will reduce the efficiently of the system.

5. Clean out long runs of ducting in LEV systems.

6. Ensure that new systems are design by an LEV expect.

7. Make sure the person carrying out the testing and examination of LEV has experience on your type of systems.

8. Carry out workplace air quality monitoring if you suspect hazardous substances are re-entering the workplace via filter units.

9. Carry out a risk assessment for the exhaust stacks to ensure hazardous substances to not enter the workplace.

10. Check that regular maintenance work on systems is carried out this will often pick up problems such as broken drive belts or air dampers out of position.